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Ice Wedge: wedge of ice whose expansions and contractions from melting and freezing open up significant cracks in the ground.

Conglomerate: coarse sedimentary rock composed of weather-rounded rock fragments cemented with silt and clay. See Breccia.

Cavitation: quick as well as explosive erosion forced by air bubbles carried by a speedily flowing liquid. Ruins its share of drinking water pumps.

Mangrove: trees that develop in coastal wetlands in tropical climates. Their trunks block wind, and their roots offer habitats along with a barrier to erosion.

Dioxin: a remarkably toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon used in herbicides and made by industrial air pollution.

Ley Farming: the rotation of legume and grain crops, formulated in its place to crop-fallow techniques in Australia. As well as improved soils and minimized erosion, wheat yields improved 48% and confirmed a higher protein concentration.

Local climate: typical atmospheric problems over quite a while interval. Power with the Sunshine drives weather, which sets restrictions over a biome's plant life and so around the animals that live there.

Cordgrass: a number of plant species check here residing in brackish or saline estuarine marshes; below them are tidal mud flats, and previously mentioned them salt marshes. Cordgrass generates five to ten times as much nutriment and oxygen to be a comparable acreage of wheat.

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Protect Crop: a crop developed to guard the soil from erosion and close by food items crops from weeds. Could be dug less than to put nutrients again into the bottom. Widespread include crops contain buckwheat, hairy vetch, Austrian Wintertime pea, and a variety of clovers.

Indicator Plant: a plant whose existence and health give clues about soil high quality. Moss from time to time indicates loads of acid in the soil, one example is, Even though to your seasoned eye, most plants can function indicators.

Drawdown: dropping h2o stages in a very dam or reservoir. Also: the overuse of assets speedier than they may be changed. See Oil.

Cline: a gradient of variants within a species that stretches throughout a geographical area. Instance: different types of eucalyptus trees running across a number of slopes.

Founder Result: a type of genetic drift during which the genes of founder organisms--the ones that move on through the inhabitants they came from--exhibit up in their offspring additional regularly than other gene mixtures. Fragmentation: breaking apart of a forest into islands of trees.

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